Law Office of Steven S Kim

Criminal Defense

The attorneys at the Law Office of Steven S. Kim vigorously fight for our clients’ rights and preserve their liberty interests throughout all levels of the criminal justice process. We achieve the best results through our no-nonsense approach to fighting indictments and complaints by employing the highest level of trial expertise, motions practice, and negotiation skills.

Law Office of Steven S. Kim has extensive experience in Criminal Law. Knowing what the other side may be thinking and having the ability to foresee and understand the approach used by the government can often times be the critical difference between an acquittal/dismissal or a conviction. Together with our experience trying criminal cases throughout all courts of the Commonwealth, and our dedicated pool of expert witnesses and private investigators, we leave nothing to chance when your liberty is at stake.

The firm represents business entities and individuals either under investigation or charged with all types of crimes including the following:

  • White Collar Crimes including:
    • Bank Fraud (including embezzlement, wire and mail fraud)
    • Insurance Fraud
    • Tax Fraud
    • Mortgage Fraud
    • Counterfeiting
    • Identity Theft
    • Economic Espionage
    • RICO Violations
    • Corporate Compliance
  • Crimes of Larceny
  • Narcotics Trafficking and other Narcotics Offenses
  • Crimes Against Persons/ Violent Crimes
  • Operating Under the Influence (drunk driving)